About Me

I graduated with a B.S. in computer science, summa cum laude, from the University of Cincinnati in 2020. I am pursuing my M.S. in computer science from Johns Hopkins University on the data communications and networking track and expect to graduate in 2022.

I have a passion for programming and focus on cyber. Most of my practical experience is done through programming. I do a majority of my coding in Python and C. Some of my personal projects can be found on my GitHub.

CTF Competitor

I actively participate in CTF, or Capture the Flag, events. These competitions involve "hacking" in some sort with topics include reverse engineering, cryptography, stegonography, binary exploitation, web exploitation, forensics, and more.

My favorite site to practice on is Hack the Box. I have achieved the "Elite Hacker" rank with seventeen boxes owned and over fifty challenges completed.

I have also begun to post write-ups of CTF challenges I have completed on my GitHub for the Codebreaker Challenge and retired HTB machines.

OSU CTF Spring 2020

2nd place with Cyber@UC.

RevolutionUC Hackathon 2020 CTF

1st place among a dozen teams.

Codebreaker Challenge 2019

Completed all 8 tasks. First ever UC student to complete the Codebreaker Challenge.

Queen City CTF 2019

1st place with Cyber@UC.

RevolutionUC Hackathon 2019 CTF

2nd place among a dozen teams.

Open Source Contributor

I regularly contribute to various projects including my own and others. Through my personal projects, I aim to make the lives of other developer's easier. When I work on external projects, I leverage my knowledge, especially with Python, in order to help fix bugs or develop new features.


macOS command-line utility to limit max battery charge.


Homebridge plugin for GEMS Smart LED Light Bulbs


On my GitHub, I have commits to various projects and also provide write-ups for my CTF solutions.